Inventory Management

"Brass inventory Management System And Highlights Functionalities (Modules) Of ERP."

Inventory Management | Mehta Websolution - Est. 2007

Our Inventory Management solutions utilize Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to support key supply chain initiatives like lean manufacturing, cell based manufacturing, an integrated supply chain and vendor managed inventory. Our efficiency has helped our customers increase their competitiveness immensely, making Seco a market leader for point-of-use systems. These solutions provide all the means to optimize inventory, reduce costs, as well as make sure production is never halted due to running out of stock.

Highlights Functionalities (Modules) Of our ERP

  • Unlimited create user
  • Easy to import data
  • Master report
  • All user email history
  • Color base work status
  • System Auto generate BOM & MRS
  • Daily production reportt
  • Sift & employee wise production reports
  • Handel production base on priority
  • Reports bas on iso format
  • Job work
  • Inward qc
  • In process qc
  • Finish good qc
  • SPending qc reports

Inventory Management System

  • Row Material Item Master
  • Finish Good Item Master
  • manage Item by Item Code &Item Name
  • Item Wise HSN Code Manage
  • Item Wise barcode Generator
  • Minimum Stock Alert
  • Minimum sales Rate
  • Price List (Item , City , Customer & Quantity Wise)
  • Alternate Unit Management
  • BOM (Bill of Material)
  • Challan GRN (Goods Receive Notes)
  • MRS (Material Request Slip)
  • MIS (Material Issue Slip)
  • MIS Return

  • Gate Pass
  • Gate Pass Returnable Material
  • Pending Gate Pass Status
  • Pending Vendors bill
  • Inventory Report (Date Wise, category wise, Group Wise)
  • Stock In-Out Reports
  • Stock Valuation Register
  • Stock Summary Report (Item wise & Batch Wise)
  • Instrument (Tools) inventory
  • Stock Adjustment facility
  • Stock Assign Reports
  • Logistic History
  • Activity Wise Stock Reports
  • All Reports Can Direct Send by Email


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